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Westmont Elementary School Closed For New Construction

August 12, 2022

Sitework and demolition are currently onoing. 

A building contractor will be decided to begin construction, tentatively by January, 2023.  Bid openings for that project are expected to open October, 2022.

The architect – Buckley and Associates – have provided initial renderings, though a few design elements are still outstanding, at this time.

school building

school building

rendering of school building

About the new facility

  • 122,000 square feet (The new facility will be double the size of the old building)
  • Two story, brick, state-of-the-art facility
  • Traditional playground and track area
  • Will hold approximately 875 students (this does not include staff)
  • New building is anticipated being ready for students to begin the 2024-2025 school year, tentatively. This is subject to change.

The design of the new Westmont Elementary facility will be similar in layout to that of the last five newly constructed elementary school facilities – Evans Elementary (2013), Martinez Elementary (2015), Parkway Elementary (2016), North Harlem Elementary (2019) and Grovetown Elementary (2019).

Will the community be impacted by this construction?
We expect minimal impact to surrounding neighborhoods. While this is an active construction site, traffic is not expected to be impacted any more than a typical school day in the morning and afternoon for dismissal. The five schools mentioned above are all nearby or within neighborhoods, so we have experience with this type of construction, and work with our public to ensure work is conducted professionally.

Total cost of the project?
A total of $35 million was budgeted for this project, however, we will not know the total cost of the building in the latter part of this year until everything is put out for bid. Inflation may impact the overall cost.

What about students and staff?
Staff and students have been temporarily placed at nearby schools. Students were placed based on their addresses. The administration will be utilized in other support areas as needed until the new facility opens.  

“We had a great wrap-up to the school year, to celebrate memories in our former facility, and we are looking forward to the memories that we will make in the new state-of-the-art facility that will take its place,” said Angela Young, former Principal of Westmont Elementary.

“Change is hard, but the amount of support we have received from the parents and the community has been tremendous. From the time it was announced we would be getting a new building, they have all been so supportive and positive.”

Questions regarding Westmont Elementary may be directed to the Columbia County Board of Education by emailing [email protected], or by calling 706-541-2723.  


October 2021

In early 2022, families and staff were provided a transition plan to other schools in the district, during the planned two-year construction of a new facility. 

Thanks to the Westmont community for your patience as we work through the planning process that will allow the academic excellence for students at Westmont Elementary to continue to thrive.