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Independence Day

Happy “Independence Day”
Can you believe we have already been in school over a week? Our students have done a great job learning their routines in the morning and getting straight to class. Those who still need a helping hand have wonderful Safety Patrol to continue providing assistance!

We want to make sure we have a safe and secure school at all times. Beginning on August 16th students will start walking to class independently. This builds independence and leadership opportunities for our students. It also allow us to know who is in our building.
To help celebrate this exciting day wear your red, white and blue!

Lenny is actually a girl turtle!

Lenette is really enjoying her 90 gallon tank because she can swim and dig. Three goldfish have been living in the tank with her for a few months now to keep her some company. The Pinkerton’s are building a koi pond in our backyard this summer for her to swim around in on hot days.

Math Olympiads

Westmont is so proud of our top three Westmont Horizons Math Olympiad contestants. They also represented our school at the Columbia County Math Bowl in March. Pictured are first place Sierra, runner up Alexis, runner up Austin, and Mr. Wolff. Congratulations!
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